Mr. R. Palanivelu, the man behind the development of the farm is seen interacting with Ms. Claudia Lülf and Ms. Gertrud Krause-Traudes from Germany.

Mother India Farms has been in the business of organic farming for over 10 years patiently nurturing acres of farms with traditional organic methods. We have followed international standards in organic farming and are accredited with all the necessary certification including M/S Control Union Certifications.

Our business model ensure cooperatives of farmers better productivity and marketing of products so the organic culture can grow and spread. At Mother India Farms, we ensure that the farmers with ancient knowledge of farming are included in research and expertise sharing so we inculcate the best known practices.

Jeevamrutha, composed of cow dung, urine, jaggery and other natural ingredients is one of the manures that are used. The insecticides and pesticides are also derived only from nature.